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Preparing Your Home For Spring

With a what seemed like very short winter, spring is fast approaching.

Blooming trees, rain, warmer weather are just a few parts of Spring we have to look forward too. It is very important that your home is ready too.

Have you had your cooling system serviced? A system that has been idle all winter needs a thorough check up before the long hot summer. Are the evaporator coils clean? In the condenser coil clean? Please consult with a licensed HVAC contractor.

When is the last time you took a good look at your roof? Have the harsh winter winds damaged or removed some shingles. Are your roof valleys clogged with debris? Does your home have gutters and are they clear of debris?

How bout the exterior walls. Is any of your siding and trim in need of fresh paint? Have you noticed and seams or voids in need of sealant? Have you seen any missing or damaged mortar on your masonry walls? Any void in an exterior wall can be a source of moisture intrusion.

Do you have an irrigation system? Whens the last time you ran it? Have you checked the piping, heads, and backflow preventer valve for freeze damage. Maybe a visit from a licensed irrigator can get you in motion to start greening up that lawn.

Routine maintenance can go a long way in keeping your home in shape for years to come.


Hail damage…..not just the roof

Continually this week we have seen dozens of roofing contractors busy at work repairing and replacing those hail damaged roof coverings.

But have you ever thought about what else around your home may be affected?

Go out a take a closer look around your home:

Dented or damaged siding

Cracked windows/Damaged frames

Damaged screens

Damaged exterior lighting

Damaged gutters

Damage to the soft fins on your AC condenser unit

Dented garage door

Damaged vent caps and skylights

just to name a few…….

While damage to some of these items may be cosmetic, others may affect your homes performance or ability to block out moisture intrusion. So it is important you are aware of any items that need to be addressed.

Please remember to highly consider hiring local contractors with  good local reviews. You want to make sure if you have a question or issue with their work you know they are close and will answer the phone.

Protect your big investment called ” Your Home”



Should you have your new built home inspected by a third party?

This is always a subjective question.

Why would a new built home need to be inspected by a disinterested third party?

Don’t assume your builder — or the contractors — did everything right just because the home passed code. An inspector is your last line of defense against major defects that could quite literally sink your financial future.

Code inspections are in place to verify that a home was built to the bare minimum standards. And how can you be sure that that code inspector was thorough in the inspection process?

I’ve heard the saying that code inspectors are overworked and under paid.

Did you know that in many jurisdictions, there is no requirement to inspect the roof to any degree?

I hear that saying all the time,” well I will have that one year warranty with my home”. But how would that protect you from a potentially dangerous issue since it would take finding it the hard way possibly. Or at the cost of your belongings and valuables after they are moved in.

With your homes warranty it is very important to know what all the fine print states. For example: many home warranties state that if you mount something to the roof, such as a satellite dish you may void your warranty on part of the roof. ImageImageImageImage

I personally have found new built homes with:

damaged and missing shingles,

flashing on the roof missing or not installed properly,

missing insulation in the attic,

whole rooms with outlets that didn’t function,

faulty appliances,

drain lines that were not connected,

HVAC systems that were not working properly,

just to name a few……


Just think of it as your home inspector being the first line of defense in protecting your investment, whether the home is newly built or pre-existing.










Meet the Inspector

Meet the Inspector

Chris Coffey Professional Home Inspector


Chris was born and raised in Texas!  He proudly serves the community with his ever growing knowledge of how homes function and their construction.  Prior to becoming a professional home inspector, he served our great country in the US Coast Guard for 8 years.  Chris and wife, Ashley have four growing boys (Austin (11) Parker (7), Levi (4), and Reed (under 1)).

Tips for leaving home while on vacation.

 Here are some helpful and energy efficient tips on how to ready your home for your time away against burglars and high energy bills.


Protect your Pipes: Especially if you live in an area where cold weather is a possibility, make sure that your pipes are protected. In vulnerable areas like the attic, basement, and crawl spaces make sure the pipes are well insulated. In such a situation, if also very important to have a trusted friend, family member or neighbor stop by every so often just to turn on faucets to make extra sure that the pipes do not freeze.

Turn up or down the Thermostat: You do not want to turn the thermostat off completely. In the winter about 55 degrees seems to be the cut off point and 80 degrees is a good setting during the summer.

Water Heater: Almost no one remembers to turn down the temperature on their water heater. This can be an excellent way to save electricity as well.

Control your Social Status: Why broadcast to the whole world that you are not going to be home. Many people cannot seem to wait to let everyone on Facebook or Twitter know that they are about to leave. An even worse move is to upload photos while on vacation. Sure many of these people are your friends, but your friends are not the only ones who see these status updates.

Disable your Automatic Garage Door: If you have a garage it is a good idea to disable the garage door opener. Some burglars have tools to easily decode your garage or use universal garage door openers to get in. Having it disabled will make it a lot harder for them.

Pull the Plug: Unplug your television, computer, toaster oven and other appliances to protect them from power surges. Do this to save power as well. According to the Consumer Energy Center, many appliances use energy even when they are turned off.


Protect your pipes

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