Preparing Your Home For Spring

With a what seemed like very short winter, spring is fast approaching.

Blooming trees, rain, warmer weather are just a few parts of Spring we have to look forward too. It is very important that your home is ready too.

Have you had your cooling system serviced? A system that has been idle all winter needs a thorough check up before the long hot summer. Are the evaporator coils clean? In the condenser coil clean? Please consult with a licensed HVAC contractor.

When is the last time you took a good look at your roof? Have the harsh winter winds damaged or removed some shingles. Are your roof valleys clogged with debris? Does your home have gutters and are they clear of debris?

How bout the exterior walls. Is any of your siding and trim in need of fresh paint? Have you noticed and seams or voids in need of sealant? Have you seen any missing or damaged mortar on your masonry walls? Any void in an exterior wall can be a source of moisture intrusion.

Do you have an irrigation system? Whens the last time you ran it? Have you checked the piping, heads, and backflow preventer valve for freeze damage. Maybe a visit from a licensed irrigator can get you in motion to start greening up that lawn.

Routine maintenance can go a long way in keeping your home in shape for years to come.


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