Should you have your new built home inspected by a third party?

This is always a subjective question.

Why would a new built home need to be inspected by a disinterested third party?

Don’t assume your builder — or the contractors — did everything right just because the home passed code. An inspector is your last line of defense against major defects that could quite literally sink your financial future.

Code inspections are in place to verify that a home was built to the bare minimum standards. And how can you be sure that that code inspector was thorough in the inspection process?

I’ve heard the saying that code inspectors are overworked and under paid.

Did you know that in many jurisdictions, there is no requirement to inspect the roof to any degree?

I hear that saying all the time,” well I will have that one year warranty with my home”. But how would that protect you from a potentially dangerous issue since it would take finding it the hard way possibly. Or at the cost of your belongings and valuables after they are moved in.

With your homes warranty it is very important to know what all the fine print states. For example: many home warranties state that if you mount something to the roof, such as a satellite dish you may void your warranty on part of the roof. ImageImageImageImage

I personally have found new built homes with:

damaged and missing shingles,

flashing on the roof missing or not installed properly,

missing insulation in the attic,

whole rooms with outlets that didn’t function,

faulty appliances,

drain lines that were not connected,

HVAC systems that were not working properly,

just to name a few……


Just think of it as your home inspector being the first line of defense in protecting your investment, whether the home is newly built or pre-existing.











Meet the Inspector

Meet the Inspector

Chris Coffey Professional Home Inspector


Chris was born and raised in Texas!  He proudly serves the community with his ever growing knowledge of how homes function and their construction.  Prior to becoming a professional home inspector, he served our great country in the US Coast Guard for 8 years.  Chris and wife, Ashley have four growing boys (Austin (11) Parker (7), Levi (4), and Reed (under 1)).