Hail damage…..not just the roof

Continually this week we have seen dozens of roofing contractors busy at work repairing and replacing those hail damaged roof coverings.

But have you ever thought about what else around your home may be affected?

Go out a take a closer look around your home:

Dented or damaged siding

Cracked windows/Damaged frames

Damaged screens

Damaged exterior lighting

Damaged gutters

Damage to the soft fins on your AC condenser unit

Dented garage door

Damaged vent caps and skylights

just to name a few…….

While damage to some of these items may be cosmetic, others may affect your homes performance or ability to block out moisture intrusion. So it is important you are aware of any items that need to be addressed.

Please remember to highly consider hiring local contractors with  good local reviews. You want to make sure if you have a question or issue with their work you know they are close and will answer the phone.

Protect your big investment called ” Your Home”